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CVS Design - Costruzione veicoli speciali renovation Project


CVS Design renovation project (restyling proposal of Arch. Samantha consoli)

CVS is a italian company specialising in the digital design and manufacturing of customized vehicles. The vehicles CVS designs & manufactures cater a variety of professional on-site nomadic uses, ranging from the medical field to the exhibition design field and many other on-site applications where equipment and mobility are a necessary aspect.

The owners believed that it was time for renovations for both the ground floor and the first floor of their company. The Architectural renovation project was managed and commisioned by Arch. Samantha consoli, together we developed and rendered a renovation proposal. The reverse engineering of the original space was a critical aspect in order to offer to the owners a realistic representation and observe in detail the results of repurposing of a variety of original architectural elements and materials.

Reverse engineering and rendering by Mark Beccaloni. 


Renovation elements explored:  a) Ground floor    b) First floor

a) Ground floor Renovation >
b) First floor Renovation >
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