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Unitaria stool


Unitaria is a single unit 3D printed generative stool design inspired by lattice structures. Its form was originated from a F2BCC unit cell topology.

The goal of this project was to manufacture a stool through the use of a large "desktop 3D printer", evaluating decentralized (consumer) production opportunities in the early age of cloud manufacturing.

Often design products like space frames or geodesic structures come as an assembly of multiple components, in this case the stool is printed as a single part from the ground up, layer after layer.

The absence of excessively steep angles define Unitaria as an "easy to print design" that doesn't require support structures, avoiding material waste.

The 3D printer used for this project was the creality cr-10 Max, an ideal destop printer for such tasks thanks to its dual belt driven printbed, capable of moving larger weights around than other competing machines.

Design by Mark Beccaloni 

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