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Personal Projects:

Flat Pack furniture - CNC machined

Flat pack furniture designs manufactured using a CNC router. The different plywood elements

slot easily in place creating a sturdy "plus" (+) shaped interlock.

No screws required for the assembly.

© Mark Beccaloni
Waffle lampshade by Mark beccaloni
flat pack chair ergo Mark Beccaloni 5 ritocc.jpg
Flat pack armchair by Mark Beccaloni
Neo_Organika jewelry line

Generative Jewellery designs manufactured through the process of lost wax 3d printing and casting in a variety of precious metals. 

Cristallina earring Mark Beccaloni
Spiral earring Mark Beccaloni
Hive bracelet Mark beccaloni
Ripple Stool

Ripple stool is a FDM 3d printed chair, designed using parametric sinewave damping techniques that imitate radial patterns naturally generated by raindrops impacting pools of water.

The stool is intended to gently accomodate the user, balancing flexibility with rigidity thanks to soft double curvatures present in both the "base shape" and the "radial patterns" that spread across the surface.

Ripple stool Mark Beccaloni
Ripple stool Mark Beccaloni
Ripple stool Mark Beccaloni

Biomimetic clocks are a series of ornamental clocks inspired by biomimicry, powered at their core by a simple and reliable silent quartz mechanism. Aesthetic research was conducted using bio-oriented parametric design techniques. Manufacturing methods are a combination of CNC machining and 3d printing.

Bubble Clock by Mark Beccaloni
Coral Clock by Mark Beccaloni
Diamond Clock by Mark Beccaloni
Leaf Clock by Mark Beccaloni
Unitaria - 3d printable stool

Unitaria is a single unit 3D printed generative stool design inspired by lattice structures, originated from a F2BCC unit cell topology.

the goal was to manufacture the design through the use of a large "desktop 3D printer", evaluating decentralized (consumer) production opportunities in the age of cloud manufacturing.

Unitaria 3d printed stool by Mark Beccaloni
Unitaria 3d printed stool by Mark Beccaloni
Unitaria 3d printed stool by Mark Beccaloni

Mark Beccaloni owns a 3D printing service and has access to many cloud manufacturing platforms.


To this date mark has Designed and manufactured hundreds of products while working actively as a consultant & educator in the field of additive manufacturing (AM).

Testing the manufacturing processes in a dedicated professional setup will help kickstart challenging manufacturing projects: once the manufacturing process is proven they can be later outsourced to cloud platforms for larger production volumes.

parametric design eyewear by Mark Beccaloni
lattice Y bracket by Mark Beccaloni
1/5 scale chair model formlabs slicing by Mark Beccaloni
Organika Decor Cutlery

decorative tableware inspired by corals and marine biodiversities

3d printed coraline table containers by Mark Beccaloni
Organika Lampshade

3d printed organic lampshade designed with the plumen light bulb in mind.

3d printed lampshade by Mark Beccaloni

High school courses tailored for students in order to comprehend CAD design techniques and 3d printing. The results of their design choices are evaluated with a physical FDM prototype, simulating design studio workflows and methodologies for improved professional orentation.

Liceo Scientifico students chess modelling procedure
Liceo Scientifico students
Liceo Scientifico cups 3d models
3d printed student cups
3d printed chess designed by students



Advanced manufacturing

Product design

Interior design


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